Hi, I'm Tony. I...

My Experience

A Futurist with Machinations to design his own life

Data Visualizations

  • Paraview Python
  • VTK Python
  • D3.js|D3.py
  • Seaborn
  • Plotly
  • Shap
  • Pandas|Numpy|Scipy miscellaneous

Data Engineering

  • Pandas|Numpy|Scipy
  • Sympy|Statsmodels|Sklearn
  • Yolov3|Detectron2
  • Opencv-python|Opencv c++
  • XGBoost
  • Fastapi|Flask|Django
  • Nvidia-docker
  • Jetson Tegra Cuda|Cudnn Compilation

Statistical Techniques

  • Factorial Experiments
  • Design of Experiments
  • Full Factorial Orthogonal Design
  • Multivariate Delta Experiments
  • Multivariate Normal Distribution Experiments
  • Symbolic Regression Analysis
  • Gradient Boosted Random Forest Regression
  • Gradient Descent
  • Bisection Method
  • Step Function


Here are some showcase projects.

Full Factorial Orthogonal Design of Experiments


In this snippet, we implement an example of stochastic and simple gradient descent customized to converge for inverse regression roots of multiple Full Factorial equations as the gradient

Sample Code

D3.js US census Visualizations


6 visual channels visualizing each population group and area group from US census

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Sports Video Analytics

Nvidia Jetson Tegra

optimize opencv C++ functions for opencv-python API, push opencv-python Umat arrays to GPU memory, script many features off from multiple cameras using opencv/yolov3/detectron2

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My first experience with programming was with CS50, Harvards intro to computer science. I know how difficult the first 5 weeks of C language programming is and I intend to provide a more welcoming initiation to programming with Python! Here are some domains I like to focuse on!